Frequently asked questions 

Why Does Shipping Take So Long?

We are able to offer low prices has to do with our special shipping procedures, which is why they take a bit longer. It's part of how we severely reduce the amount of fraud that occurs and is vital into how we're able to offer our discounted prices.

What Happens if my order cant be shipped to My Address?

Since our shipping is free for our customers, when or if an order that is shipped comes back to us due to the address being undeliverable, then the customer must pay for the order to be shipped again if needed.

Where's My Tracking Number?

Since we ship our items out within the 2 or 4 week time frame, you do not receive a tracking number until your order is actually shipped. So don't worry if you have no tracking number. We're working hard to complete your order and you'll be notified through email as soon as it's on it's way.

Where Is My Refund?

Please allow 7-10 business days for your refund to be returned. If refund has not came to you yet then check with your bank. 

What If My Item Doesn't Fit?

We do not offer refunds for clothes that don't fit.